Events (90)

📅 Name
May 18 Blockchain Developers Berlin Pt. 2
May 19 Metabrew Community organized Meetup
May 20 BasedBerlin Hackathon
May 20 AI Agents: value synergies of blockchain and AI - Supporting Builders from A to Z
May 21 Tokenised Clubs - Incentivising Mutual Growth
May 21 5 Steps to List your Tokens as Collateral in Lending/Borrowing/Stablecoin Protocols
May 21 BUIDL Base Camp
May 21 Blockchain and Open Source: A Look at the Legal Landscape
May 21-22 Solana Berlin 24-Hour Hackathon
May 21 Fuel & Frens takeover The BlockSpäti
May 21 The French & German Web3 Ecosystems Community Meeting
May 21 WebZero BlockSpäti — Co-working Day One
May 21 Agents Unleashed: Olas Product Launch Party
May 21 ZK Hack Meetup - ZK Education
May 21 Hack'N Heights: Unlocking Decentralized Data on a Berlin Rooftop
May 21 Happy Hour with ChainSecurity & Euler
May 21 First Web3 Drone Corridor in the World
May 21-24 WebZero BlockSpäti Co-Working
May 21 Rooftop Token Launch Party with Drinks and Pizza by Welshare Health
May 21-23 DAPPCON 24
May 22 CRYPTO2030
May 22 CryptoConverge with Kraken powered by DLT Finance
May 22 AdEx Web3 Marketers Meet Up & Drinks
May 22 ChainSafe & Friends: Berlin
May 22 Safe Modules: Payments, Debit Cards & Self-custodial Asset Management
May 22 Fueling Emerging Technologies: The role of institutions in building digital futures
May 22 AVS Builders: Dual Token Restaking in EigenLayer
May 22 Drinks_ Reception by Greenfield, NEAR, Celo and Q
May 22 WebZero BlockSpäti — Co-working Day Two
May 22 Bitcoin Pizza Party Berlin w/ Blockravers & øhr
May 22 Subsquid & Fuel Tech Brunch
May 22 Scroll on the Kotti Canal
May 22 Enjoy Bustling Berlin with Urbit: Happy Hour
May 22 Web3privacy now meetup
May 22 Telekom & Friends
May 22 Farcaster Berlin Cozy Corner
May 22-24 6th Standardization Workshop
May 22 Wallet Cafe: Chill & Connect
May 22 Finoa's Blockparty: Celebrating Berlin's Crypto Craze
May 22 Krypto - Steuer Meetup
May 22 Finoa's Digital Asset Summit
May 22 zkSpäti with zkSync & crypto girls club
May 23 Celestia Light Run
May 23 SheFi & Starknet Foundation Women's Brunch
May 23 BBW' 24 Community Run w/
May 23 WorkoutDAO
May 23 GEN VIDEO - The Future of Decentralized AI Media and Streaming
May 23 WebZero BlockSpäti — Co-working Day Three
May 23 StarkSpace Berlin drop-in
May 23 Open Data Brunch with Subsquid
May 23 Sundowners with Starknet Foundation
May 23 ShutterDao 0x36 meetup @BBW24
May 23 Constant Dullaart - Captains Log (humanized)
May 23-24 DeSci Berlin 2024
May 23 Blockchain meets AI + BerChain's 5th Anniversary
May 23 Starknet Foundation Meetup - Berlin Blockchain Week Edition
May 23 Berlin Blockchain Week 2024: Governance, subjective rules and RWAs - the frontier of crypto
May 23 BREW Web3 Berlin
May 23 Walk-by Coffee Event by HAVN & AuditOne
May 23 Wormhole x Staking Facilities: Guardians of the Multichain
May 23 afk Berlin
May 23 Safe{con}2
May 24 PERMA 📸 Closed Beta (Berlin, Germany)
May 24 TVL Growth: 3 Growth Hacks Proven to Attract Institutional TVL
May 24-26 Discover The Future of Livestreams and Videocasts with Farcaster Integration
May 24 WebZero BlockSpäti — Co-working Day Four
May 24 Longevity Meet-up Berlin 2024
May 24 AI x HOPE
May 24 Celo Gather 2024
May 24 Blockhaus Afterparty by LUKSO with Google Cloud, SheFi & Guild
May 24 Onchain Art Day 2024
May 24 Builder Nights Berlin - Presented by MetaMask 🦊 , Linea,Safe, and ZKLink
May 24 Chainflip Happy Hour
May 24 zk wine berlin
May 24 IBC Berlin Brunch with Polymer, Celestia, Anoma, & Interchain Foundation
May 24-26 ETHBerlin 04
May 25-26 DeAI Society
May 25 Future State: Future State: Navigating Real-World Challenges through Blockchain
May 25 co-create
May 25 Breadchain Launch Event at Moos Space
May 25 Modular Day by x Celestia
May 25 NFTwist: The ICP Evolution of Dynamic NFTs
May 25 Showroom: Bitcoin Real World Products
May 27 Web3 Talk #24: Gaming and Extended Reality in Web3
May 27 Cosmos Berlin²
May 28-30 AwesomWasm Hackathon 2024
June 8-21 ZuBerlin
All events published here are independent and have their own organisers. #BBW24 is an independent initiative that informs about these events.
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