Chainlink's Morning Mixer: Innovations Over Brunch

Chainlink's Morning Mixer: Innovations Over Brunch

May 24, 2024
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Come hang with the Chainlink community in Berlin at "Chainlink's Morning Mixer: Innovations Over Brunch," part of the exciting Berlin Blockchain Week. Join us for a morning that blends engaging conversations with the latest insights into the blockchain and Web3 spaces.

Featured Guests:

Solange Gueiros, Chainlink Developer Advocacy

Christopher Glissner, Software Engineer, Deutsche Telekom & Chainlink Community Advocate

Explore Chainlink's Ecosystem:

Insights into Chainlink Network: Delve into how Chainlink enhances smart contract capabilities across multiple blockchains, ensuring the security and reliability of data sources.

Latest Product Updates: Be the first to learn about Chainlink's newest product updates and how they are set to transform the landscape of decentralized finance.

Role in Blockchain and Web3: Understand Chainlink's role within the broader blockchain and Web3 ecosystem and how it's driving forward the future of decentralized applications.


Friday - May 24, 2024

10:00 - 13:00
Chainlink's Morning Mixer: Innovations Over Brunch
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