Metabrew Community organized Meetup

Metabrew Community organized Meetup

May 19, 2024
👥 60
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Metabrew Ambassador

Point of contact

Werner Hoffmann

Status • Available
Price Free!

This is a Meetup and pop-up store for Metabrew - the web3 beer as part of the Berlin Blockchain Week. We welcome everyone there is no need to be part of the Metabrew community already.

​MetaBrewSociety is the leading Web3 beer brand and community. Created by a group of friends and entrepreneurs who love crypto, tech, beer, delicious food and festivals.

​No agenda just a casual hangout at a bar drinking beer, talking about crypto, NFTs and realworld applications.

​(This is not a official Metabrew event nor sponsored by it.)

​There will be Metabrew for sell, only hard money accepted (cash, Bitcoin lightning and for easiness Matic).

​Looking forward to see many of you there.


Sunday - May 19, 2024

19:00 - 22:00
Metabrew Community organized Meetup
📍 RedRum Art Bar
👥 60
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