Showroom: Bitcoin Real World Products

Showroom: Bitcoin Real World Products

May 25, 2024
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Bitcoin Lab Berlin

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You really thought Bitcoin is boring? Let us proof you wrong!

We have what 'other chains' lack: real life applications! We show you:

  • Bitcoin sauna via Bitcoin mining (self-build)
  • Bitcoin fruit drying via Bitcoin mining (
  • Bitcoin heater via Bitcoin mining (
  • Send Bitcoin on your own phone in 1 second (Lightning Network Self-Experience)
  • See where you can already pay with Bitcoin in Berlin (
  • IOT: Pay a jukebox, beer tap and other machines in Bitcoin
  • Ordimint: NFT the Bitcoin way
  • Bitcoin Full-Node Set-Up for your home
  • Smallest Bitcoin Miner: Nerdminer
  • 'Bitcoin im Bundestag': An ongoing initiative to inform about Bitcoin in the German Parliament

If you are new to Bitcoin, we can talk about why we think it is the future of money. Get in touch with us!

Sign-In: Not required - show up as you wish. Free admission!

How To Find: We will be on the 2. floor in the community kitchen.


Saturday - May 25, 2024

10:00 - 18:00
Showroom: Bitcoin Real World Products
Bitcoin Showroom
📍 w3.hub
👥 2121

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