GEN VIDEO - The Future of Decentralized AI Media and Streaming

GEN VIDEO - The Future of Decentralized AI Media and Streaming

May 23, 2024
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Spurred by a new wave of generative AI capabilities, decentralized media technologies and applications have the potential to empower a new generation of content creators and cultural communities for whom video is an increasingly important medium. From online music broadcasting to social media, the relationship between content creators, audiences and platforms is being disrupted with the potential for significant artistic, economic and cultural impact across the globe.

​This interactive event will bring together a diverse and high-caliber group of participants to discuss the conditions, opportunities and challenges for video content creation and broadcasting in the context of new AI and decentralized technologies.

​Through panels, talks and group workshops, participants will learn about Livepeer’s latest decentralized AI Video network technology and engage in critical topics including co-creation, ownership, monetization and moderation, with the goal of introducing new audiences to web3, and fostering connection and collaboration among participants on common challenges and opportunities.

​Curated participant group of 60 max, representing:

​- Web3 technology leaders: enabling infrastructure and tech ​- Web3 creators and builders

  • ​Web2 media artists, streamers, publishers


Thursday - May 23, 2024

11:00 - 15:00
GEN VIDEO - The Future of Decentralized AI Media and Streaming
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👥 60
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