ShutterDao 0x36 meetup @BBW24

ShutterDao 0x36 meetup @BBW24

May 23, 2024
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ShutterDao 0x36

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twitter → @project_shutter
Status • Available
Price Free!

Friends of ShutterDao 0x36, come and get a drink with us, enjoy the sunset, and talk all things Shutter!

Drinks are complementary; feel free to pick up food on the way - Berlin's famous Burgermeister is just around the corner.


Thursday - May 23, 2024

17:30 - 21:00
ShutterDao 0x36 meetup @BBW24
ShutterDao 0x36 meetup
📍 Cuvrystr 1. Rooftop (6th floor)
👥 100
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