Future State: Future State: Navigating Real-World Challenges through Blockchain

Future State: Future State: Navigating Real-World Challenges through Blockchain

May 25, 2024
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​Future State: Navigating Real-World Challenges through Blockchain As the crypto community braces for the next bull run, we often see a surge of get-rich-quick schemes. Future State, is dedicated to addressing genuine issues that the blockchain community can tackle today.

​Why this Matters? This is a pragmatic approach Emerging societies are often the quickest to adopt innovations, as seen with the rapid uptake of crypto in Ukraine, Turkey, and Nigeria. Blockchain technology—with programmable economies, zk proofs, DAOs, and more—has the potential to leapfrog the development of communities, nations, and entire regions, accelerating mass adoption.

​Why Berlin? Berlin, a city that has long been divided between past and future, is the perfect place to leap into the future. Here, we focus on solving real human problems, not just building castles in the air.

About the Organizers:

futurestate.wiki – A self-publishing platform centered around the Network States movement, offering a series of offline events in various cities.

rarimo.com – A privacy-first (ZK) social protocol that unlocks a new generation of social apps, allowing users to go incognito without losing historical actions, networks, and identities.

​Event Structure:

​1. Presentations from Experts:

​How FreedomTool Helps Reclaim Stolen Votes // Kitty Horlick, Director Rarify Labs

​How Belarusians in Exile Are Building a Network State // Ray Svitla, Future State founder

​Build an onchain court system run by communities // Florian Glatz, Founder of Common Ground

​2. World Cafe for Problem-Solving:

​Participants will gather in small groups to discuss specific real-world challenges that blockchain can address.

​Examples of potential topics include:

​The impact of Georgia's new law on foreign agents

​The challenges faced by the 500,000 Belarusians in Europe who are at risk of losing their passports

​Propose your own topic in your participation application.

​Join us to explore a sci-fi version of the future, through the lens of new governance models and libertarian concepts inspired by "The Network State" by Balaji Srinivasan. Let's navigate real-world challenges with practical blockchain solutions.


Saturday - May 25, 2024

16:00 - 20:00
Future State: Future State: Navigating Real-World Challenges through Blockchain
Future State
📍 Berlin, Berlin
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