Breadchain Launch Event at Moos Space

Breadchain Launch Event at Moos Space

May 25, 2024
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Breadchain Cooperative

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Join us during Berlin Blockchain Week for the Breadchain Launch Event at the Moos Space in Berlin on May 25th! During the event we will be showcasing the work we've been doing at Breadchain Cooperative for building the infrastructure for a post-capitalist web3. Breadchain Cooperative is a cooperative network of blockchain projects working to advance a progressive vision for the technology and its effect on society by scaling solidarity through our BREAD community token and other solidarity primitives. The primary infrastructure being built at Breadchain is to ask ourselves what if progressives had their own community currency and credit union? Where would we decide to put resources towards to build a post-capitalist political economy?

The other members of Breadchain include the Crypto Commons Association, Symbiota Coop (which includes the Dandelion events platform you're looking at now), and Labor DAO.

The series of events that will take place for the full event include

  1. a real hands on sourdough bread baking workshop led by Edible Alchemy, the bakery at Moos, to give a chance to people who work on their computers all day to work with their hands and meet with other solidarity loving folks (limited availability so please purchase tickets beforehand)
  2. presentations from Breadchain Cooperative members and associated projects building out technology for scaling solidarity with BREAD
  3. onboarding sessions for people who believe in the cause but maybe don't yet have any crypto and
  4. a gift economy solidarity dinner at Moos with the artist Mirna Bamieh from the Palestinian Hosting Society to wind it all down 🎉(limited availability so please sign up ahead of time)

There will be food (including the bread baked in the workshop) and refreshments available throughout to be purchased with BREAD. You will be able to get BREAD with cash at the event, so no worries if you don't have any tokens yet. In preparation however, we recommend that you download the Citizen Wallet app which will be used to make purchases during the event. By creating and using the BREAD token helps fund the cooperative and also gives you the ability to vote on how the yield generated from it among the various projects part of the cooperative. You can bake some BREAD on the Bread Crowdstaking Application on Gnosis Chain with xDai.


Saturday - May 25, 2024

10:00 - 23:59
Breadchain Launch Event at Moos Space
Breadchain Launch Event
📍 Moos Space
👥 200
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