AVS Builders: Dual Token Restaking in EigenLayer

AVS Builders: Dual Token Restaking in EigenLayer

May 22, 2024
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​If you are building, or want to build an AVS on top of EigenLayer (or any other rapidly growing restaking ecosystems), this meetup is for you.

​1. How to design Dual Token Staking - add your own token to provide economic security to your protocol, too!

​2. Comparison of Native Dual Staking, Modular Dual Staking, and Veto Dual Staking

​3. How to design a good slashing mechanism?

​4. How to design your AVS for rapid bootstrapping of economic security behind it, and minimize the risk of AVS failure?

​Developers behind AVS-es will meet, share challenges and design patterns, and learn from each other to build more resilient and economically secure decentralized systems.


Wednesday - May 22, 2024

16:30 - 18:00
AVS Builders: Dual Token Restaking in EigenLayer
AVS Builders Meetup: Dual Token Restaking
📍 Museum des Kapitalismus
👥 60
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