The French & German Web3 Ecosystems Community Meeting

The French & German Web3 Ecosystems Community Meeting

May 21, 2024
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Bundesblock & ADAN

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Sebastian Becker

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The European Web3 landscape, recently chartered in a study from ADAN and KPMG (see: Study 2024: Web 3 and crypto in France and Europe (, is all about innovation. But certainly not because blockchain tech would be an end in itself, but because we need a new 'European Backend for the Future', consisting of various exponential technology components that are orchestrated in the right way.

We want to use the occasion of Berlin Blockchain Week to invite our members and the communities in both of our countries (and beyond) to meet up and discuss the state of #Web3 in France, Germany and Europe and to push the innovation agenda forward.

We will hear from speakers representing our associations, the German Energy Agency dena (our hosts that night) and several companies that lead their field about blockchain ecosystem development over tokenization to various use cases in different industries.

And of course there's drinks and food to enable a proper French-German soirée in the heart of Berlin!


Tuesday - May 21, 2024

17:00 - 22:00
The French & German Web3 Ecosystems Community Meeting
French & German Web3 Ecosystem
📍 Future Energy Lab
👥 80
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