Happy Hour with ChainSecurity & Euler

Happy Hour with ChainSecurity & Euler

May 21, 2024
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ChainSecurity & Euler

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Join us on Tuesday, May 21st, at the Treehouse in Berlin for an enchanting evening hosted by ChainSecurity and Euler Finance. Mingle with defi-minded professionals and enjoy drinks, foods, and music in the most magical setting in Berlin.

​What to expect:

​​- 100 guests actively contributing to the DeFi space

  • Quality food
  • Open bar from 7:00pm to 10:00pm
  • Music at a reasonable volume to allow for quality conversations


​​⚠️ Limited spots ⚠️

​​- 100 guests maximum

  • If you confirmed your attendance and unfortunately cannot make it, please inform us ASAP, as another guest will be glad to take your spot.

Your hosts (in alphabetical order)


​​ChainSecurity is a top-tier security firm based in Switzerland. Check out our most recent Euler audit: https://chainsecurity.com/security-audit/euler-ethereum-vault-connector/

​Since 2017, we work with top-tier DeFi protocols such as MakerDAO, Curve, Ethereum Foundation, Lido, Compound, Yearn, Circle, Enzyme, Gearbox, 1inch, and many others.

You might know us as the auditors who discovered the read-only reentrancy in 2022, and those who found the vulnerability that delayed the Constantinople hardfork in 2019.


​​Euler is a modular lending platform on Ethereum that enables users to lend, borrow and build without limits. We're really close to relaunch with v2, a more modular and capital effienct version of v1. Euler is hosting the largest audit code competition, starting in May 20 with Cantina.


Tuesday - May 21, 2024

19:00 - 22:00
Happy Hour with ChainSecurity & Euler
Happy Hour with ChainSecurity & Euler
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