Crypto4Good #3: Blockchain for Financial Inclusion - Including the Unincluded


DSTOQ, GIZ Blockchain Lab, and Jolocom are partnering for the 3rd Crypto4Good panel discussion, featuring experts from both the tech world and the international development sector. This event will aim to define practical answers to a global issue, financial exclusion, and uncover how DLT (distributed ledger technology) could bring positive change.

Around two billion people worldwide do not have access to the financial services that meet their needs. Whether as individuals or small and medium enterprises (SMEs), many struggle to obtain sufficient financing to lift them off poverty, establish a sustained source of income or gain the opportunity to obtain shares and invest in assets. DLT could alleviate some of these challenges thanks to its decentralized and tamper-proof infrastructure, with intermediary-free remittances, credit-history for micro-loans or innovative and accessible tokenized-assets investments.

Though the features of blockchain-based solutions might sound very promising, there are several issues to be tackled. When it comes to financial inclusion, major challenges include poor financial and digital literacy as well as the lack of identification documents. However, DLT can also be leveraged to restructure control over personal data, such as identification and empower users to participate in financial markets.

This event will be the occasion to discuss both the opportunities the technology offers and its possible challenges while assessing the conditions in which these solutions could be implemented and what might hinder their widespread adoption.


Craig Mc Gregor

Co-Founder  •  DSTOQ

Investment analyst, trader, and economic strategist; managed a ~$600m portfolio of 30+ companies. Involved in crypto since 2013.

Anthony Barker

CTO  •  Tempo

Kai Wagner

Business Development  •  Jolocom


Monday, 10 September @ 18:00-22:00

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